What's Your Untapped Referral Opportunity?

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What's Your Untapped Referral Opportunity?

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For more years than I care to remember, I’ve been gathering insights from investors across the country.  

One of the topics we tackle is referrals. And the input those clients have provided on how, when and why they refer is at the core of how we help advisors to increase referrals.

The big picture is this.

  • You don’t meet most of the referrals you receive because they don’t lead to introductions. There is a gap between the number of referrals that are made and the number of referrals you meet.
  • This gap creates a meaningful opportunity to drive growth.  

Instead of focusing your attention on getting more referrals, why not focus on translating the referrals you’ve already received into introductions?  

Bridging the referral gap may be one of your most important growth strategies.

The First Step Toward Referral Growth

So where to start?

It's all very well for me to shareindustry data, but all that matters is what's happening in your business. I'd suggest you start by taking stock so that you can quantify the untapped opportunity in your business. That process will help you understand the scope of the growth opportunity and, I'd suggest, motivate you to take action.

The question is how.

We've created a Referral Opportunity Calculator that will not only quantify the tangible opportunity in your business today, but will provide a personalized report and action plan. The good news is thatit will take no more than five minutes of your time.

Click here to assess your untapped referral opportunity

Your Five Minute Plan

All you need to do is enter four numbers for your business and we’ll send you a fully personalized report that will:

  • Calculate the total potential referral opportunity in your business (intriguing but theoretical)
  • Calculate the ‘discoverable referral opportunity’ (those opportunities you can realistically and easily access)
  • Highlight five actions you can take to drive significant growth.

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