The Absolute Engagment Engine
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Number of advisors
If you have 20 or more advisors, please contact us.

$USD Per month
One year minimum contract
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Access to all ‘done-for-you’ features:
Access key features to generate leads, engage with prospects, new clients and existing clients and measure and enhance the experience
Client Insights
Client Connect
New Client Connect
Prospect Connect
Lead Connect
Custom polls and workflows
Create custom polls and workflows to suit your objectives.
Unlimited poll invitations
Invite unlimited prospects, new clients or existing clients to share input.
Personalized and branded communications
Tailored polls and invitations with branded agendas to reflect your objectives.
Real-time ‘next action’ alerts
Signal targeted follow-up based on client needs or changes over time.
Advisory team dashboard
View data, trends and usage reporting for client base with drill down to client level.
Leadership dashboard
View data, trends and usage reporting for the firm or by region, office, advisor with drill down to client level.
Guided onboarding
Support, guidance and training to personalize key features and communications and help leaders and advisors succeed.
Live user support
We're here to answer any questions and provide personalized support directly or via the app.

Need more support?

You'll work with a senior consultant to provide enhanced guidance. Contact us to discuss how we can work with you and your leadership team to provide enhanced support.
Ongoing advice and support
Quarterly management review meetings. Insights and recommendations based on results. On-going access to your senior consultant.
Quarterly reviews and updates
All polls will be reviewed and updated quarterly based on strategic goals
Advisor adoption action plan
Live training and resources and best practices to support launch and adoption across the organization.
Facilitated strategic planning
Annual management meeting to examine key priorities and reflect those in your program.

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