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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about how Julie can contribute to your event.  Below you will find a highlight reel and three additional clips to give you a sense of her speaking style and content.  You’ll also find an overview of Julie's most popular presentations, although every talk is customized to your needs.
The Lesson of the Mix Tape: What can mix tapes teach you about client experience?

Presentation Overviews

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How Client Engagement is Being Disrupted

Things have changed. They have changed for advisors and they have changed for their clients.

These changes raise some important questions. Exactly how have clients’ needs, challenges and expectations changed? (They have.) Will those changes impact the client experience? (Yes.) What is the risk of doing nothing? (It’s real.)

Julie will draw on research among both investors and advisors to examine how the client experience will need to evolve going forward. She’ll look at how the foundational elements of the experience may be impacted, including the frequency and form of client reviews.  And, she’ll dig deeper to examine the connection between how clients are feeling right now and the ways in which advisors can engage and grow those relationships.

The Evolution of Client Referrals

The research is clear – most businesses are missing out on a significant opportunity, as the result of a clear and persistent referral gap.

The challenge is how can advisors bridge that gap in the current environment?

In this engaging and interactive presentation, Julie will highlight why clients refer – and when they don’t.  She’ll examine the biggest myths surrounding referrals and the actions advisors can take to unlock the latent referral potential in their businesses.  Specifically, she’ll help advisors move from a ‘referral’ to an ‘introduction’, remove the ‘points of friction’ in providing referrals and create client communications that clients want to share.

What Your Clients Can Teach You About Engagement and Growth

According to research from Absolute Engagement, advisors are missing out on service, revenue and referral opportunities every day. The question is, what can they do about it?

The presentation starts with a core set of beliefs.

- In an industry in which 89% of clients say they are satisfied with their advisory relationship, good isn’t good enough

- 'Great service’ is table stakes; advisors need to focus on a great experience

- A great experience is co-created with clients

- Rather than relying on what advisors believe clients want and need, they need to integrate the voice of the client to find out

Julie examines what it means to integrate the voice of the client in an advisory business, the range of tactics that can be used (from advisory boards, to interviews, to surveys) and exactly how advisors can connect the dots between the input they receive from clients to the actions that will drive both engagement and growth.

Why Client Satisfaction Is No Longer Enough

When the vast majority of clients are satisfied, satisfaction doesn’t set an advisor apart.

This simple statement sets the stage for a presentation that will challenge advisors to aim higher when it comes to their client experience.  According to Julie, the goal should not be to ‘satisfy’ clients, but to deliver a client experience that not only engages but makes advisors a magnet for exactly the right clients.

Drawing on the latest investor research and the techniques used by the most progressive firms, both within and outside the industry, Julie examines the trends that will influence how advisors communicate, the role of the client journey in defining the experience and the ways that advisors can drive deeper client engagement. Advisors will walk away with a clear tactical plan to take action.

The Relentless Pursuit of Absolute Engagement

Many successful advisors fall victim to the 1-degree effect, an unintentional drift from the things that energize and inspire them.

These advisors are successful but not always fulfilled –good but not great.  They hit what Julie calls the ‘fulfillment flatline’. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Absolute Engagement’s research shows that those advisors who have broken through the flatline, who are ‘Absolutely Engaged’, not only generate more revenue, but report better health, lower stress and spend more time doing the work that they alone should do. The difference? They have achieved complete alignment between a  compelling personal vision, their business vision, their client experience and their team experience.

In this presentation Julie shares real stories of real advisors, compelling data and a step-by-step plan to achieve Absolute Engagement.

Julie Littlechild delivered an extraordinary presentation at our Insider’s Forum conference, and basically laid out a big component of the profession’s next evolutionary stage. I think any advisor audience would greatly benefit from her insights and new research.
Bob Veres, Editor/Publisher Inside Information and Founder, Insider’s Forum
As the business of financial advice goes through a material transformation, so too does our need to understand what compels clients to come to us, and to stay. Julie provides great insight into the behaviors of consumers today and how you can better leverage this knowledge to grow your business more dynamically. I’ve known Julie for many years and have always found her to be an entertaining and engaging speaker. With her new research, she adds a depth of knowledge that will make her a high impact presenter at your next event.
Mark Tibergien, Former Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Pershing Advisor Solutions
I have watched and participated in numerous events with Julie over the years. She always comes with a well-thought-out program, thoroughly-researched materials, as well as action plans for advisors to implement. Julie is a great facilitator and speaker who engages with the audience in all types of formats.
John D Anderson, Managing Director, SEI Investments
Julie’s program helps small and large business leaders change the way we think about client engagement. As an association executive whose business is engaging members, I walked away with tangible, actionable ideas for supercharging the client experience with our educational offerings. Thank you, Julie!
Sean R. Walters, Chief Executive Officer, Investments & Wealth Institute.
We engaged Julie to deliver both a keynote presentation and workshop session in a nine-city program for our advisors. She brought great insights and actionable content for our audiences. Feedback was very positive.
Karrie LeBlanc, Director, Advisor Recognition and Programs, Advisory Services, Manulife Financial
Julie recently joined us for our annual Partner Summit, an advisor-driven collaborative event, focused on practice development and peer leadership. Our best advisors attend to learn from each other and glean ideas from top industry speakers. Julie’s presentation set the stage for the event, opening everyone’s minds to the true meaning of engagement, from finding it ourselves to ensuring our teams and clients are also engaged. We feel fortunate to have Julie’s guidance and expertise on such an important subject and look forward to working with her further.
Mike Ankers, Director, National Sales, Richardson Wealth

About Julie Littlechild

Julie is a recognized expert on the drivers of client engagement and a popular speaker on how client experience is being disrupted and how to leverage those trends to drive referrals.

She has worked with and studied successful financial advisors and their clients for more than twenty-five years. Prior to founding Absolute Engagement, Julie launched and ran one of the industry’s leading research firms, focused on client engagement. She is the author of a popular blog, the co-host of the Becoming Referable podcast and the author of The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement.

Julie sat on the national board of the Financial Planning Association, currently sits on an advisory board for the Investments & Wealth Institute, was twice identified as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Financial Planning and won an Influencer Award in practice management. She holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Julie's commitment to you

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We know that creating a successful event is a juggling act, so here is what you can expect from Julie and her team.
A personal consultation to help understand exactly what you want to accomplish and the needs of your audience.
An announcement about your event through Julie's social media channels, if this is a public event.
A dynamic presentation that is specifically customized to meeting your objectives.
A custom resource page or workbook, exclusively created for your attendees. It will include the slides used in the presentation, along with links to books, articles, and other resources Julie believes will be helpful.
A meeting after the event to ensure Julie met your expectations and identify if or how we can support the audience in taking action.
Prompt, professional replies to your calls and messages.

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