Why We Need to Ask Clients Different Questions

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Why We Need to Ask Clients Different Questions

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Like so many of you, we’ve had to take a very hard look at our business over the last several months.

And our business has changed….because your business has changed…because your clients’ needs have changed. 

The root cause of all of the change is the needs of your clients and that fact highlights three important questions. 

  1. Exactly how have the needs of your clients changed?
  2. Exactly how do you need to respond as result?
  3. How can we help?

Today I decided to try something different and I created a video that focuses on how a global crisis changed how we need to connect with clients, now and going forward.  And, I look at how the role of client feedback needs to evolve as a result.  (Maybe I’m just getting used to being on video all day long now.)

More specifically I uncover the questions that we believe all advisors need to be asking their clients right now, all in nine minutes and 28 seconds.

In the video, I invite you to book a live demo to discuss how we can support your business.  You can do that here via calendly or reach out to me directly at jlittlechild@absoluteengagement.com

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