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One size does not fit all when it comes to gathering input from your clients.

Your unique objectives dictate how and when you gather input and the questions to ask.  

We craft a plan based on your needs.

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Programs for Individual Advisors & Advisory Teams

Below is an example of how a typical client survey process works for individual advisors and teams.
To learn more about how we can offer discounted access to a comprehensive, customized and compliant program to your independent advisors, please contact us directly.

1. We start by uncovering your most important goals and priorities.

Your dedicated coach will guide you through a discovery process to connect feedback from your clients to achieving your most important goals. Those goals may be one, or more, of those you see below - or something completely unique to your business. And they will guide the questions you ask of your clients, how we analyze the results and the specific actions we recommend.  

Evolve your client experience

Increase referrals

Uncover unmet client needs

Actively engage your clients

Your other unique objectives


2. Review your recommended survey

Your coach will provide a recommended survey that reflects your goals.

The questions we recommend will reflect the key goals you defined as part of step one. Those questions are drawn from Absolute Engagement's extensive bank of questions, which are tested as part of our extensive, on-going investor research. They may also be pre-approved by your compliance department; either way, we'll help you get the approvals you need. If your goals suggest the need for customized questions, we can provide an enhanced service to develop, program and report on those questions.

3. Invite your clients to provide input

We'll provide you with everything you need to invite and encourage your clients to provide their input.

You'll access a sleek and modern survey, embedded within an invitation that will help you achieve the highest possible response rates. You can invite clients directly, or we can manage the distribution in a way that is still personalized to you or your advisors.


4. Access your personalized dashboard

You'll access a dashboard that connects client input to meaningful insights and practical actions.

On your dashboard you can: view your overall results, drill down to client level and access tools and resources to help you take action. Your dashboard highlights what the data is telling you and how to take action to reach your goals.  We work with indvidual advisors, large teams and enterprises, so your dashboard will be structured to ensure the right people see the right information.


5. Craft an action plan with your coach

Your coach will provide the personalized guidance you need to take action.

You'll work with your coach to review your results, understand the implications and identify exactly how you will take action. The combination of technology and personal guidance is what makes this process so powerful. If you are part of a larger team or organization we will work separately with the leadership team and individual advisors to ensure the focus of the coaching reflects exactly how you will use the information.

6. Optional: Let us help you take action

We'll help you bring your action plan to life.

You have the option continue working with your coach for a further 12 weeks to help execute on your plan, create accountability and to access additional tools and resources. You're welcome to discuss the options with your coach once you have your action plan in place.
The cost of a typical comprehensive Client Insights program ranges from $1,500 to $1,700 USD.

We design customized programs for larger teams or organizations, which may include team-based reporting, enhanced analysis or additional coaching and support; fees for such programs will be quoted separately, based on your needs.

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