Custom Client Surveys

We design and manage client surveys to support strategic decision-making and uncover engagement and growth opportunities.

Tailored to meet your objectives

We work with you to design and execute custom client surveys and ensure you have what you need to take action on your key priorities.
Enhance the client experience
Understand evolving client needs
Identify what is most important to your clients
Uncover growth opportunities
Absolute Engagement Insights is designed for enterprises. Learn more about how we work with individual advisors here.

We make it easy.

We manage the process from start to finish, tailoring the survey to meet your needs, inviting clients to participate, analyzing the data and crafting your action plan.


Capture feedback and input to drive strategic and operational decision making.


View comprehensive reporting and analytics for the business as a whole, by office, advisor, segment or individual client.


Take action drawing on our targeted recommendations, using our integrated tools and reports and with the guidance and support of our senior consultants.
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Translate input into action

Gain actionable insights

Access permissions-based results at the firm, office, advisor, and client level
View segmented insights based on demographics or other relevant data
Integrate with your CRM for easy access to data
Generate target lists to support personalized communications and campaigns

Access tools and training to help your advisors take action

Generate action plans for the leadership team and individual advisors
Equip your advisors with the know-how to actively use client input
Access training and support to drive adoption across the team or organization

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