We help you drive engagement and growth at scale, drawing on direct input from your clients.

Client needs are evolving, creating opportunities to drive deeper engagement and growth. Our Client Insights Platform combines innovative technology with the tools, support and guidance you - and your advisors - need to take action.

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We work with advisory firms in two ways.

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1. Firm-wide programs

We design and implement voice of the client strategies for large, national enterprises as well as smaller advisory firms. We gather input from your clients, deliver meaningful insights and connect the dots to targeted actions aross the organization that support your goals and priorities.

2. Programs for your advisors

We partner with you to offer your advisors discounted access to a comprehensive, customized, compliant and co-branded program to help them gather and actively use client input. Advisors can choose individually to engage with us and results roll up to the enterprise level.

Your goals and objectives drive our approach.

We design, implement and operationalize a meaningful voice of the client strategy that will drive engagement and growth. Specifically, we translate input, from your clients, into targeted actions for your leadership team, your operations and support teams and your individual advisory teams.

Your voice of the client strategy should be driven by your most important goals and priorities.
We have helped advisory firms use direct input from their clients to:

Actively engage and grow client relationships

Increase client referrals

Evolve the client experience

Measure satisfaction or Net Promoter Score

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Working with Absolute Engagement has been an incredible. Their support has helped us radically transform our client experience from the ground up, Julie and her team are well worth your time.
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Our Client Insights Platform ensures the needs of your clients are driving everything you do.

While many of our clients use an annual survey to gather both feedback and input we may also recommend:

• Using direct input from clients to drive more meaningful reviews
• Targeted polls to examine specific aspects of your business (e.g., the on-boarding process)
• Gathering qualitative insights through client interviews or client advisory boards

The Client Insights Platform comprises both client engagement tools and a client feedback tool. The difference between those two things is critical.

Client Engagement

Actively engage and grow client relationships, increase referrals and evolve and enhance your client experience by uncovering unmet needs, interests, challenges, referral behaviors, preferences and expectations.

We'll help you use these insights to co-create and personalize client conversations and communications, implement targeted referral activities and transform your client experience based on what is most important to your clients.

Client Feedback

Track performance and progress by measuring satisfaction, Net Promoter Score or other key metrics that reflect what you want to deliver to your clients.

We'll help you use these insights to understand your strengths and target areas of improvement across the firm. To ensure the results are meaningful, we can drill down to assess differences across key segments (e.g., advisory teams, office, wealth, age or profession) and provide results and alerts at the client level.

How we work with you

Discovery, Guidance and Execution
Creating Buy-in
In-depth Analysis and Actionable Reporting
Leadership and Advisor Support
On-Going Support

Case Studies

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